Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ford GT Hybrid?

Next Ford GT To Come Back as a Hybrid?

Images: Auto Express
There’s some scary years looming on the horizon for the performance-geared machines being built by the auto industry. As United States mandated 2016 mpg rules demand a combined fleet fuel economy will have to increase to 34.1 mpg. This of course, becomes more threatening as the passenger car numbers go from 33.3 (next year) to 37.8 mpg.
So while this threatens the future of our current muscle cars, Ford seems to be preparing for the storm with a positive outlook. The Blue Oval boys are readying an all-new mid-engined supercar GT. But this time around with hybrid power. The resurrection of the famous Le Mans racer was met with plenty of fanfare and threatened the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren.
This time around, Ford is looking to topple the aforementioned supercars by employing the most advanced technology available to deliver massive performance numbers while adhering to gestapo-level fuel regulations.
Source Auto Express noted that while the 2005 GT was styled heavily after its original source material, using plenty of styling cues from the original GT40, the latest interpretation is likely to leave the retro styling behind in favor of a more sharpened, modern look. Auto Express wrote, “Evoking memories of the 1995 Ford GT90 concept, which had a 720hp quad-turbocharged V12, the new GT will put an updated spin on the GT40’s design, with a huge front air intake, angular headlights and vents in the bonnet and flanks.”
While looking futuristic and modern, the overall proportions and mid-engine configuration will remain mainly the same. The big news is found under the big rear-mounted hood in the form of the GT’s supercharged V8 plant which will feature extra power at the touch of a button via an electric motor driving the front wheels. Wait, what?
Believe it or not, this is very similar to the that on the Porsche 918 Spyder. Moreover, the new GT’s electric motor arrangement will add the ability to run solely on electricity for brief periods of time, qualifying the new GT Ford’s green credentials. While the GT’s total power output is estimated around 600hp, the new GT will still keep up with other supercars with three-second 0-to-60mph times and a top speed surpassing 200mph.

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