Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ferrari Enzo In The Mud

The following video either features the word’s biggest ding dings or geniuses. We are going with geniuses!
While most of us freak out at the site of a low flying bird near our cars, these guys beat the hell out of this Enzo like it is some 1980′s Ford Bronco that a 17 year old just got running for the first time.
Taken to the middle of a muddy field, this Italian classic is handled like a street walker who is in desperate need of that last $10.00. Driven hard and put it away wet.
We have no idea how this ended for the Enzo, but we can guarantee that the driver sure had fun and there is a good chance that a local Ferrari dealership got a nice service charge to hand out.
In either case, this is one slamming fun video to watch so enjoy. And, when all is finished, get out your favorite ride and hit the mud hole Amigo!

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