Friday, May 10, 2013

2014 Rebellion R2k

You’ve seen Jon Olsson’s Rebellion R2k in pictures, now check it out in action. In the video you will hear this monster-car start up and see it fly down a track, only to pull a huge drift at the end. This car has got to be one of the most aggressive and extreme vehicles I have seen in quite some time.
The new Rebellion R2k was designed by both Jon Olsson and Leif Tufvesson. From the inside and out, they spent countless of hours design every little detail. The especially made sure to make the interior enjoyable as they will be pretty much living in it for the duration of the Gumball 3000.
On his website he included some special “thank you’s” to those who helped him out with the car:
  • Leif Tufvesson and Caresto for doing an amazing job taming this beast!
  • Alexander  from bilupplysningen.se for the updated lights
  • ADV1 for the best wheels ever!
  • Oskar Bakke for photos and all the design help
  • Cam Shaft Wrapping for the epic chrome foil and Kisterlappen for setting it perfectly!
  • Carl at Svenskbyggradio for hooking us up with perfect comunication during the rally
  • Jens for being a kick as co owner and partner in the project!

(Source: jon-olsson.com)


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