Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shayton Equilibrium 2013

The name Shayton originally comes from the Sioux Indian word for a falcon (Chayton pron. Shay-ton) for this New Exotic Car.

The Shayton Equilibrium looks like it could be a whole barrel of fun. Or rather, it might be — if only it existed. For now, the Shayton remains a digital rendering only, but the Slovenian company is apparently toiling away at making the design a reality.
Focused on the future,  Shayton is set to let loose a disturbing movement in the increasingly competitive atmosphere, especially moving the competition based in Europe.
shayton equilibrium
This New Exotic Car of this section comes from Slovenia, the Shayton Equilibrium. The model has not yet been produced, but the car includes a central V12 engine, capable of generating 1,099 horsepower and 94.8 Nm of torque! With only 1.200kg, thanks to the use of titanium and carbon in the construction of the chassis, the supercar can go from 0-60mph sprint time of 2.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 250mph! There will only be 20 units made available, Shayton is already accepting preorders for the car, so get your check book out fast!

Soul of  Equilibrium

Shayton Equilibrium represents motion in shape, it is an core of super-car in 21st century. Striking balance between beauty and performance enables Shayton to stride out among respectful competition.
Competing influences are perfectly balanced: Equilibrium of design and engineering Combined with use of latest technology and materials, enable you thrilling driving experience or cause you a rush of adrenalin when you are up to achieving the best time on a race track.

shayton equilibrium

Essence of passion

Shayton offers a unique new lifestyle and defines a new angle of car use, moving around and travelling.
Imagine your plan for the evening is to visit the opera accompanied with your date but you are in need for rush of adrenalin just before you shall relax and enjoy the evening. What to do? You have two options.
Go straight to pick up spot using regular, common way or you could let the system help you set up more excited way. If you choose second option the car mode will go from normal to race. The suspension will lower the car and make it more fixed on the road, radio will volume down to the lowest, interior lightning will set to the essentials, engine will be ready to work with full power, turbochargers will suck more air, seat will offer you tighter grip and the safety belt will readjust.
Red lights, red lights, red lights, green lights goooo…
You arrive at the pickup spot, still shivering from adrenalin rush. As you wait for your date, you enter new destination, Opera. The system recognizes destination and setup the car. System softens, warm dim lightning turns on, radio browses trough the web to search music accordingly to destination and engine start working on lower rpms. From pure race to polite gentleman. Your date arrives, the night is yours. Relax, enjoy.
shayton equilibrium

Brand name: Shayton
Model name: Equilibrium
First release year: 2011
Current model year: 2013
Tagline: Limited edition Hyper car
Class: Hyper cars
Current status: Pre-production phase – business plan simulation
Brand symbol: Falcon
Manufacturer: PROVOCO d.o.o., Slovenia, EU
Country of origin: Slovenia, European Union (EU)
Descent: Central European
Author of the car:
Andrej Stanta
Author of the Brand:
Dominik Cernelic
shayton equilibrium

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